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'Fringe': Premiere ratings underwhelm


Fox's "Fringe" got off to a modest start last night. CW's "90210" hangs in OK in its second outing, while CW's well-reviewed newcomer "Privileged" looks strong in its debut. Variety ratings guru…

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'Privileged': The CW scores again


The CW has done it again. Last season our group of 30- and 40-somethings surprised even ourselves by giving high ratings to both of the CW's new offerings -- "Aliens in America," which lasted just…


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Review: 'Pushing Tin'


"Pushing Tin" makes for a lively flight most of the way, but then coasts in on its approach toward a routine landing. This punchy and involving look at the cowboys who form the seemingly crazed…

Review: 'Biography'


As the Depression years of the 1930s descended on the world, American theater began to exude social concerns that were pro working class and political philosophies that were decidedly "left of…

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