Dealmakers prod Pixar


With talks between the Mouse and Pixar at a very sensitive stage, insiders say the Walt Disney Co. is looking to acquire the animator, as opposed to merely reaching a new distribution agreement…


Pixar stock rocks


Reports that Pixar may increase production helped shoot up its stock 5% Monday, giving the animation studio momentum few other media companies possess. Prudential Equity Group issued a report…

Pixar plans Mouse-free


Steve Jobs threw more cold water Thursday on the possibility of renewing a deal with Disney as Pixar reported strong fourth-quarter earnings due in equal parts to "The Incredibles" and continued…

Pixar picks a producer


Former Lucasfilm Digital prexy Jim Morris has found a new home at Pixar. Exec ankled Lucasfilm in November with hopes of resuming an earlier career as a producer and has quickly landed that job at…

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