I Remember Merv


Merv Griffin sang "Thanks for the Memory"  to me on the stage of his Beverly Hilton hotel  as I celebrated  the 50th anniversary of my column. He even sang a duet with Selma and brought down the…

He Really Succeeded


Writer-director-producer-friend Mel Shavelson died at 3:30 ayem this morning. At 9:16 pm last night, he was still E-mailing his assistant Maureen Solomon about upcoming appointments, interviews…

Remarkable Remembrances


Lauren Bacall and husband Humphrey Bogart had been friends with Kitty Carlisle and husband Moss Hart. "Betty" (Lauren) reminisced today about the friendship dating back to the ’50s. "We would get…

Tribute to Bob


No place in the world except Hollywood can treat death with high humor, disrespect and great tenderness. Robert Altman was the recipient of all as he was given his West Coast tribute on Sunday…

Too Soon To Say Goodbye


The last time I saw Art Buchwald was Dec. 3, 2006. He was holding court — and loving it — seated at the first table in the Mozu Court of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington. It was the annual…

Frances Bergen Dies


Actress Frances Bergen died at Cedars-Sinai on Oct.2 following a lengthy illness. She was 84 years old. She was the widow of world-famous ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. She is survived by her daughter…

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