iPod Touch becomes a turntable


Most of the games and other apps I have seen that use the iPhone and iPod Touch's motion sensing capabilities are difficult to control (like aiming at things in a game) or really gimmicky (shake to…

YouTube kills the radio star


YouTube may be the world's biggest video site, but all the action around it recently has to do with music. In the UK, Google is blocking access to thousands of musicvideos on YouTube after it failed…

Julie Really Sings


Julie Andrews will not only ride in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, she’ll also be singing. Or at least lip synching to the loud speakers amplifying her to the millions of viewers — live and…

Cyd and Tony — Apart


Cyd Charisse is en route to Washington, D.C., while husband Tony Martin is winging to Chester, West Virginia. (They have been married 58 years).  Charisse is headed to the White House where, on…

An American In Munich


From the Kennedy Center on Sunday to the Bavarian Opera House on Monday. I reached (by phone) Billy Friedkin, still savoring the success of his weekend direction of the operas "Bluebeard’s Castle"…

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