Michael Barra

Review: 'Going to the Mat'


Crossover sports and teen heartthrob appeal plus savvy casting should reward with considerable ratings numbers. Chris and Laurie Nolan, Steve Bloom and Stu Krieger pepper the script with enough pop…


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WNBC tops N.Y. Emmys


WNBC was the big winner Sunday night at the 46th annual New York Emmy Awards. The Peacock flagship entered the night with the most nominations (42) and took home a leading 12 awards, including single…

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Review: 'Second String'


Reality is a no-show in "Second String," TNT's entry in the bad-team-overcomes-adversity genre. Football movies are hard enough to pull off, but when poorly chosen stock footage is blended into a…

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Review: 'Misunderstood'


Misunderstood, a somber and largely unsentimental study of a rift and ultimate reconciliation between father and son, is a 'remake and adaptation' of Luigi Comencini's 1967 Italian pic Incompreso.

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