Lindsay Duncan

Review: 'Hay Fever'


In the second act of Noel Coward's weekend-in-the-country comedy "Hay Fever," Judith (Lindsay Duncan), her family and a gaggle of deliciously ill-matched houseguests attempt a parlor game.


Review: 'That Face'


The scenario of "That Face" -- unhappy teenage girl almost expelled from school for bullying; alcohol-addicted mother emotionally dependent upon her son -- doesn't exactly promise an evening of…

Review: 'Private Lives'


Play Noel Coward's "Private Lives" too real, too broad or, worse, both and it loses its champagne fizz, not to mention the wisdom beneath its wit. Perfs with subtext can deepen and even darken bon…

Oliver Twist
  • TV

Review: 'Oliver Twist'


It's fitting for PBS British drama showcase ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre to raise the curtains on its 30th anniversary season with a handsome, richly detailed six-hour (yes, that's a three-night…

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