Kathleen Turner


Review: 'High'


Kathleen Turner is a dirty-talking, no-nonsense nun whose expert counseling skills are stretched when she takes on a gay teenaged junkie and street hustler facing jail time.

Turner flies 'High'


It was hardly nunsense at Tuesday's opening night for "High" at the Booth Theater. Nonetheless, Kathleen Turner's Broadway return as caustically comic, foul mouthed Sister Jamison Connelly drew…


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Review: 'Our Betters'


You don't have to be an American in Britain --- though it would probably help --- to enjoy "Our Betters," Somerset Maugham's rarely seen 1917 comedy with which Kathleen Turner makes her second…

Review: 'Indiscretions'


One quick response to "Indiscretions"-- the very bad title given Jean Cocteau's 1938 play "Les Parents Terribles"-- would be to chalk it up as the latest show-offy import by a hot National Theater…

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