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Judy Davis, River Phoenix and Jonathan
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Review: 'Dark Blood'


A Hollywood couple is stranded in more ways than one in "Dark Blood," the resuscitated 1993 feature by Dutch director George Sluizer that was abandoned after the sudden death of star River Phoenix.

Spacey, Pryce land at BAM


Jonathan Pryce in Harold Pinter's "The Caretaker," Simon Callow as Shakespeare and Kevin Spacey in the Sam Mendes-helmed "Richard III" are among the offerings on tap for the spring 2012 season at the…

Review: 'My Fair Lady'


They've bleedin' done it. That sentence would never be condoned by Jonathan Pryce's Henry Higgins, a fierce proponent of the full glories of the English language. But the happy news emanating from…

Review: 'Oliver!'


"Oliver!" may be Britain's most cherished musical but that doesn't mean it's particularly good, and no amount of stunning scenery -- these days a British musical given -- in the new Cameron…

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