Qualcomm's experiment with a mobile television device was a flawed one out of the gate – and now FLO TV is biting the dust.   The company has pulled the plug on the stand-alone device, which claimed…

Fly the Zune skies


Microsoft's Zune media player may not be making any noticeable impact on Apple's dominance of the personal media player space, but it does have at least one corporate fan: United Airlines.   The…

Verizon, the iPad and Google


Verizon has big plans for the tablet marketplace – maybe bigger than they're willing to talk about right now. The telecom giant held a press conference Wednesday showing off an app that would stream…

2009 gift guide – part one


Realizing that not everyone reads the print edition of Variety or scans all the stories that run on the site, thought this might be worth reposting. With the holidays here, so too comes gift guide…

Droid has landed. Do you care?


There have been a lot of so-called iPhone killers hitting the market since Apple launched its smartphone. None has lived up to its billing. Now comes the Droid – and while it almost certainly will be…

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