Who is He?


"If he is ‘A.C.’ — who is ‘D.C.’?" asked Hal Kanter of honoree A.C. Lyles at the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters luncheon Friday at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in North Hollywood. Kanter called A.C., "The…

Whatta Cast Reunion


It’s billed as "MGM Legends Re-unite for One Unforgettable Evening" — as "Hollywood Salutes June Allyson with Legends of the Silver Screen." The cast — so far — set to appear includes: Cyd Charisse…

Good Gab


In case you missed it — and most of you did — the dessert was: "a trio of Anjou pear, cardamom ice cream and chocolate biscotti with fresh berries."  It was to be the final course of a delicious…

Bangkok Calling


It was 6:10 ayem on Thursday in Bangkok when "Bangkok Dangerous" producer William Sherak called from the film’s location in Thailand. They had been filming all night in the streets with the Nicolas…

Fasten Your Seat Belts


Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman will be skydiving, car racing and motorcycling as they speed around the world to the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, the French Riviera, etc. It’s…

Movie on hold in Bangkok


The Nicolas Cage-starrer, "Bangkok Dangerous" stopped filming its night scenes on Tuesday when the Thai military tanks hit the city’s streets. The film’s scenes required the principal, Cage, to be…

. . .and about Mel


The Mayor of Haifa, Yona Yahav, will be the special guest of Beverly Hills Temple of the Arts’ Yom Kippur services, held at 8 p.m. on Oct.1. The Temple’s Rabbi David Baron set Yahav to speak…

Mel and Broadway Beckoning


Cloris Leachman  has been invited to N.Y. by Mel Brooks for a  table reading of the B’way -bound  "Young Frankenstein–The Musical." Mel directs the book which he and "Producers" partner  Tom Meehan…

Blake is Back


Blake Edwards is returning to movie-making with "It Never Rains," a story about — a screenwriter, his family, studio boss, etc… Edwards phoned me today to say, "As it stands right now, we’re going to…

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