The Show Must Go On


It’s not enough to get solid applause from a preem audience at the finale of your movie, you’ve got to parlay the picture into the post-preem party. And so it was again with the bow of Columbia’s…

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“Death” Doesn’t Defy


Newmarket’s release of "Death of a President" apparently drew a lot more interest from the press than the public, as the pic collected $281,778 in its opening weekend on some 143 screens. That was…

The Oscar Race is On


The sweet scent of an Oscar nomination mingled with that of the lavish hors d’oeuvres at Morton’s Tuesday night when Paramount pulled out all the stops to toast Oliver Stone. On Monday night, Stone…

Thank You, Fans


"Superman II — The Richard Donner Cut" will be released by Warner Home Video on Nov. 28 and Donner tells me the fans are responsible for it. He stopped directing the first "Superman" in 1978 in order…

Dream to Reality


The dream of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Hollywood Museum moved a step closer this week. The Acad’s Sid Ganis, Bruce Davis, Bob Rehme and committee members met for six hours with…

A Crush on Coppola


She was the last to leave the Arclight Cinemas, Tuesday night after the "special screening" of "Marie Antoinette." Sofia Coppola was surrounded by well-wishers and she warmly chatted with any/all…

Add Honor for Julie


"What a compliment," Julie Andrews enthused when I called to congratulate her on being named recipient of the Screen Actors’ Guild Life Achievement Award at next year’s Jan. 28 awards. But there’s…

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