Leonard Maltin


Leonard Maltin remembers the first time he took his daughter, then 4, to Disneyland. "She saw Minnie Mouse, let go of my hand, went running toward her, grabbed her around the waist and gave Minnie a…

Top attractions


Indiana Jones Adventure Hurtle into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, where you and Indy face perilous lava pits, whizzing arrows, and the cinematic tumbling boulder. Pirates of the Caribbean The last…



Having discovered that the world might be a bit bigger than one of its trademark tunes indicates, the debut of the Walt Disney Co.'s second Asian amusement park this fall will include the usual…

All shook up


Walt Disney shook up the entertainment world with his landmark animated features. But in pursuit of his dream for Disneyland, Walt rocked the business world with his creative thinking. Terms like…

Magic moments


Back more than 50 years ago, I used to take my daughters to a place called Kiddyland, over near La Cienega and Beverly Boulevard near Beverly Hills. It was a very small, flimsy carnival where the…

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