Having discovered that the world might be a bit bigger than one of its trademark tunes indicates, the debut of the Walt Disney Co.'s second Asian amusement park this fall will include the usual…



Mickey Mouse is a potent symbol. "I've seen him crucified and naked, I've seen him with weapons. I've seen him smoking, drinking. I'm sure Disney wouldn't approve of that -- but I think it's almost a…

Harry Shearer


After volunteering at the Democratic National Convention in 1960, Harry Shearer was assigned the job of driver. "My assumption was, I would drive delegates to the sports arena where the convention…

Top attractions


Indiana Jones Adventure Hurtle into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, where you and Indy face perilous lava pits, whizzing arrows, and the cinematic tumbling boulder. Pirates of the Caribbean The last…

Rules of attractions


There are some Imagineers who want to take you to infinity and beyond. And they've spent the last two years figuring out just how to get you there on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters attraction…

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