Dreams come true


This might be hard to picture, but there was once a world without Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain. That's because once there was a world without the diverse group of…

All shook up


Walt Disney shook up the entertainment world with his landmark animated features. But in pursuit of his dream for Disneyland, Walt rocked the business world with his creative thinking. Terms like…

Magic moments


Back more than 50 years ago, I used to take my daughters to a place called Kiddyland, over near La Cienega and Beverly Boulevard near Beverly Hills. It was a very small, flimsy carnival where the…

World party


Sleeping Beauty Castle has received a makeover. Space Mountain is back in business. And, for Disneyland's 50th birthday, Mickey Mouse hat ears have been dipped in gold.

Disneyland facts


An old mansion in Los Angeles was dismantled so that its interior wood paneling, stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers and staircases could be used in Disneyland restaurants and on Main Street…

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