CW The Flash TV Review
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TV Review: 'The Flash'


Hewing closely to the template of "Smallville," "The Flash" bursts out of the starting gate, racing through an origin story and related history that transforms baby-faced CSI Barry Allen into the…

Seed CW TV Review
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TV Review: 'Seed'


Stop me if you've heard this one before: A skirt-chasing Peter Pan type discovers he's a father several times over thanks to sperm donations. Yes, that's the gist of "Seed," a CW summer comedy that's…

The 100 CW TV Review
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TV Review: CW's 'The 100′


Saying that a show plays on two levels can seldom be taken quite so literally as in "The 100," a better-than-average CW sci-fi drama that splits its story into two halves: The 100 young people of the…

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