Colin Salmon

‘Royale’ preem


Far grander than the usual London premiere, Tuesday's royal party for "Casino Royale" took over the whole of Leicester Square as 4,200 guests filled four theaters simultaneously to watch the gritty…

  • TV

Review: ‘Keen Eddie’


The Brits are no match for "Keen Eddie," a snarky detective who bops through the U.K. with sarcasm and charisma galore. Fox's flighty and funny hour is short on credibility but long on charm. Summer…

Review: ‘Resident Evil’


That venerable horror subgenre, the zombie movie -- immortalized by George A. Romero in his "Living Dead" trilogy -- gets a malnourished rebirth in "Resident Evil," the long-in-development screen…

  • Film

Review: ‘Captives’


Sharp direction and on-the-nose central performances by Tim Roth and Julia Ormond put some shine into "Captives," a dramatic love story between a con and a middle-class rebel that reps an interesting…