Cinema Verite

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2011 Emmy nominations


2011 EMMY NOMINATIONS‘Mildred Pierce tops Emmy noms | 2011 Emmy nominations list (part I)Emmy nominations list (part II) | Reactions of the Emmy nominationsRoad to the Emmys 2011 DRAMA…

'Cinema Verite'
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Review: ‘Cinema Verite’


Revisiting the landmark 1973 documentary series "An American Family" serves as such a timely, provocative idea it's a shame the result, "Cinema Verite," isn't a better, more fully realized movie. An…

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Review: ‘Quarantine’


Predicated on the idea that whiplash pans, inconstant focusing and other faux cinema verite embellishments can refresh even the moldiest of zombie-movie tropes, "Quarantine" is a modestly inventive…

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