Chloe Sevigny


  • Film

Review: 'Lovelace'


Reducing an immensely disturbing, politically byzantine tale to a series of cartoonish vignettes, this celeb-studded biopic squanders a gutsy performance by Amanda Seyfried while making '70s porn…

'Hit & Miss'
  • TV

Review: 'Hit & Miss'


"Hit & Miss" is a British import starring Chloe Sevigny as a transgender assassin for hire who inherits stewardship of four kids, including the son she didn't know she'd fathered.

  • Film

Review: 'The Brown Bunny'


Though Vincent Gallo's second feature may never escape the crippling legacy of its Cannes premiere, it's worth noting that the re-cut version, which played several festivals last fall, is an…

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