"The Awesomes" Review Hulu

Review: 'The Awesomes'


After being pulled off the sales block, Hulu told the New York Times its intent was to focus on upcoming original programs, beginning with "The Awesomes." Maybe it's time for Plan C. Not that this…


TV Review: 'Ready Love'

TV Review: 'Ready for Love'


Ah, the good ol' days of reality shows, when networks were content to just knock off one existing hit. Today, the trend seems to be toward Frankenstein-like mash-ups, which explains NBC's “Ready for…

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Review: 'Africa'


Discovery's recent spate of high-definition nature documentaries has made the spectacular ordinary, assembling jaw-dropping footage from across the globe.

Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams in
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Review: '666 Park Avenue'


The network's latest gothic-soap dice-roll, "666 Park Avenue," comes to the task with handsome accessories and a cheeky sensibility, none of which makes the delicate balancing act of what amounts to…

'The Choice'
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Review: 'The Choice'


Not unexpectedly, the cheeky idea behind "The Choice" -- Fox's thumb-in-the-eye, sound- and lookalike knockoff of a certain NBC musical competition -- is ultimately more enticing than the execution.

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