Canadian Film Centre @ 25

A Look Ahead


Senate Judiciary Committee weighs in on Napster at a packed hearing...Vivendi Universal is reportedly close to announcing a U.S. deal to distribute its music over the Internet..."3 Sisters" exec…

  • Film

Fry to host Brit Awards


Stephen Fry, the writer and actor best known to international audiences for his leading role in "Wilde," will host this year's British Academy Film Awards. The awards, known as the BAFTAs, have been…

Don McGuire


Don McGuire, the screenwriter, actor and director who conceived and co-wrote the Oscar-nominated script for “Tootsie,” died April 13 in Los Angeles of complications from a brief, unspecified illness…

  • TV

Mediaset looks set


Maurizio Carlotti, the managing director and general manager of Spanish netlet Tele 5, looks likely to become managing director of Silvio Berlusconi's giant TV group Mediaset.

Oz Titans Tight


Australia’s two rival media titans, Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer, are shaking hands so warmly these days that pundits believe they’ve agreed to carve up the media pie Down Under between them…

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