Billy Rose

  • Biz

No boom, no bust


Traditionally, real estate has been a hedge against the vagaries of the stock market and other sometimes volatile investments, but that hasn't always been the case during what has come to be known as…

James Franco as James Dean
  • TV

Review: ‘James Dean’


Lengthy in its gestation as a Warner Bros. pic and still grand in its ambition as a cable TV movie, "James Dean" offers a personal look at one of America's greatest icons, courtesy of director Mark…

Stars at Mars bars


Following Monday’s Village Theater preem of “Red Planet,” guests gravitated to Eurochow where star Val Kilmer said the Mars road trip pic “captures the subtle aspects of the genuine reality of space,”…

  • Film

Mike Rich


Mike Rich used to talk about writing, then he decided to do it. But Rich wasn’t the garden-variety gabber blowing smoke, he was a professional one who used to talk to a lot of authors as one half of…

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