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Snoop Dogg 'Reincarnated'
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Review: 'Reincarnated'


Lazily charting the unlikely transformation of rapper Snoop Dogg into reggae artist Snoop Lion, "Reincarnated" surely sets a new record for the amount of weed smoked oncamera in a documentary, but…

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Review: 'Zaytoun'


An accessible, briskly paced and occasionally schematic adventure that could find its way into the hearts of unlikely auds via a kid-centric story and a solid perf by Stephen Dorff.

"7 Boxes"
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Review: '7 Boxes'


Turning the Paraguayan capital's biggest public market into an arena for a wild and cunningly plotted chase movie, filmmaking partners Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schembori build a rollicking…


'Chill's' 15-year reunion


Though the Cinerama Dome is "not my favorite theater in the world,'' in the words of writer-director Lawrence Kasdan, it was the chosen venue for the re-release of a Kasdan favorite: "The Big Chill.''

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