Oscar Preview


I caught up with Oscar show director Louis J. Horvitz in his control center at the Kodak Theater during Saturday afternoon’s rehearsals to get his take on this year’s show. "I realize this is not…

An uncommon queen


I caught up with Helen Mirren Monday afternoon as she headed to LAX. It's her final kudos-commute between the London stages, where she's filming "Ink Heart," and the U.S. stage, where she's been the…

Regal Robes Aside


I caught up with Helen Mirren — by phone — as she and her Oscar-winning husband, director Taylor Hackford, were about to have dinner in Alassio on the Italian Riviera. Since our last conversation…

The Oscar Race is On


The sweet scent of an Oscar nomination mingled with that of the lavish hors d’oeuvres at Morton’s Tuesday night when Paramount pulled out all the stops to toast Oliver Stone. On Monday night, Stone…



During the National Italian American Foundation Lifetime achievement Awards Oct.21 at the D.C. Hilton Washington & Towers Anne Bancroft — her real name is Anne Marie Louise Italiano — will be…

Add Honor for Julie


"What a compliment," Julie Andrews enthused when I called to congratulate her on being named recipient of the Screen Actors’ Guild Life Achievement Award at next year’s Jan. 28 awards. But there’s…

Who is He?


"If he is ‘A.C.’ — who is ‘D.C.’?" asked Hal Kanter of honoree A.C. Lyles at the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters luncheon Friday at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in North Hollywood. Kanter called A.C., "The…

Social Notes


The joyous voice on the longhorn from Belgrade was Dan Tana’s. The legendary restaurateur of West Hollywood–his Dan Tana’s eatery is celebrating its 41st anniversary–married Biljana "Beebee"…

Lifetime of Laughs


When I get a chance to get a laugh–I take it. So when the Boston Comedy Festival told me that Norm Crosby and Jonathan Winters were to receive the fest’s first lifetime  achievement awards, I used it…

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