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'Be Near Me'

Review: 'Be Near Me'


It's a tantalizing proposition: John Tiffany, helmer of the world-conquering "Black Watch," teaming with Ian McDiarmid, vet actor and former director of London's Almeida Theater, on an adaptation of…

Review: 'Whistling Psyche'


Don't be misled by the black-clad presence of the ever-androgynous Kathryn Hunter in "Whistling Psyche," the Sebastian Barry script now being enacted at the Almeida Theater. Auds may flock, drawn by…

Review: 'Five Gold Rings'


Not every dysfunctional family drama contains lines like, "It is art to fly speech in the air," but Joanna Laurens' Almeida Theater entry "Five Gold Rings" has loftier things in mind than the mere…

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