What's holding 3D TV back?


3D TV is being pushed hard by television manufacturers, and while pick-up has been better than expected, it's still not something the mass audience is clamoring for. Why not?   A new study by Nielsen…

Panasonic ups its bet in 3D


Panasonic has been one of the biggest (and loudest) supporters of the 3D TV market. Now it's ratcheting things up a bit more.   The company has introduced another pair of 3D sets – the first by Panny…

3D TV: The latest from Japan


When it comes to electronics, as Japan goes, so goes the rest of the world.   Well, sometimes, at least. The Nikkei, Japan's largest business paper, took a look at the state of 3D TV in that country…

Nintendo preps 3DS details


Nintendo's still not ready to spill all the beans about the 3DS, its handheld game system that projects stereoscopic 3D images without the need for special glasses, but it's getting close.   The…

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