Review: 'King Lear'


When a production of "King Lear" begins in a bathroom, with opening dialogue delivered while the characters urinate, it's obvious the director wants to shock. Robert Falls' high-concept "Lear"…


Review: 'Mary Stuart'


For proof that opposites attract, look no further than the Donmar staging of "Mary Stuart," which locks together the elemental fire of Janet McTeer and the fine-boned control of Harriet Walter into…

Review: 'Monster'


"It requires all my fortitude to recall the memory of the frightful events which I am about to relate, in proper detail, to my recollection." Thus runs a typical sentence from Mary Shelley's…

Review: 'Uncle Bob'


George Morfogen's Uncle Bob is a truly miserable character. And for the one hour of stage time that he remains miserable, Bob is truly a joy to behold in Austin Pendleton's play. Unfortunately…

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