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Dawn Barkan Inside Llewyn Davis Animal
  • Film

Oscar’s Unsung Heroes: ‘Lone Survivor’ Stunt Coordinator, ‘Llewyn Davis’ Cat Herder and ‘Her’ Vidgame Designer

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Here is Variety’s annual look at the standouts in fields that don't offer kudos–the animal trainer on “Inside Llewyn Davis,” the stunt coordinator on “Lone Survivor” and the video game designer on…

Matthew McConaughey on 'True Detective': 'I
  • TV

Matthew McConaughey on ‘True Detective’: ‘I Wanted to Get In That Dude’s Head’

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Nic Pizzolatto had the vision, but it was Matthew McConaughey who gave voice to "True Detective," HBO's languid, Louisiana-set murder mystery that serves up a tasty gumbo of earthy characters, gritty…

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