From the May 14, 2013 issue of Variety

"Iron Man 2" - Robert Downey
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Variety's Picks: ‘Iron Man 2’ Plot Holes, Quinto vs. Nimoy ‘Challenge,’ Cannes App, ‘True Blood’ Soundtrack, More


The Cinema Sins comedy crew found innumerable plot holes in Iron Man 2 that they detailed in this fastpaced countdown, pretty much confirming everything fanboys said when the sequel was released in…

Humor: Survival Odds Low Paramount Collapse
  • Film

Survival Odds Low for Paramount Execs After Collapse of Poorly Constructed Tentpole ‘World War Z’


Search and rescue workers announced they are pessimistic on the odds of survival for any Paramount Pictures executives, after a poorly constructed tentpole, otherwise known as "World War Z," which…

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