Nik Powell's Star Is One To Watch In Britain


Film biz hotshots are thin on the ground in Blighty. The 1980s, a decade that saw the emergence of a generation of whiz kids in other areas of British commerce, left Wardour Street's ranks depleted…

Italo Pix Running On New, Improved Legs


Is the crisis over? After a decade of wailing about declining audiences, closing hardtops and falling production, Italo film watchers are beginning to sing a happier tune. More than the numbers…

Leading The Hot Fandango


The 31-year-old actor-turned-producer Domenico Procacci leaped to the public eye at last September's Venice Film festival when his third production, the very Italian “The Station,” was a flash hit in…


Domestic Film DAILY


  1. 1

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Daily Gross:$7.6M

    Cume to08.12.14: $79.8M

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Daily:$7.6M Cumulative:$79.8M Paramount Pictures 13.49%
  2. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Daily Gross:$6.6M

    Cume to08.12.14: $188.5M

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Daily:$6.6M Cumulative:$188.5M Disney 23.68%
  3. 3

    Into the Storm

    Daily Gross:$2.1M

    Cume to08.12.14: $21.1M

    Into the Storm

    Daily:$2.1M Cumulative:$21.1M Warner Brothers / New Line 21.06%

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Independent Distribs Are Caught In A Bind


Every Italian distributor in the industry will be at the screenings at Cannes, but ask if he'll be buying new product and “I hope so,” is the most common reply. Despite a slight boost in the number…

French Read Signs Of Filmbiz Rebound


Considering the current, uncertain state of the world's film business, the French are doing quite well, thank you. And predictions are that Gallic vitality will only get stronger. After years of…

But They're Coming To Market Yawning


French buyers are coming to Cannes with few expectations and even fewer illusions. As usual, the general rule of thumb is “find the sleeper hit film at a reasonable price.” The French will not be…

American Pavilion Sits Next To Palais


The American Pavilion once again will be located adjacent to the Palais du Festival, overlooking the Port of Cannes. The Pavilion offers its members office space rental, space for parties, press…

Mexico's Pix Output Flat For '90


Despite continuing economic problems, there were 104 films produced in Mexico last year, the same number as in 1989, according to the Dept. of Statistics of the National Chamber of the Film Industry…


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