• TV

Social surge has ‘Brother’ bigger


It's difficult to say if "Big Brother" was ahead of the social media curve or just caught some lucky breaks. But the interactive tidal wave of the past decade has certainly served the reality series…

  • TV

Japan’s bored auds turn off TVs


The Japanese, once one of the most TV-addicted people on the planet, are drifting away from the tube -- forcing networks to scramble for other sources of revenue, from pic production, satellite…

London theater looks ahead


As the West End legit industry shakes off the scare of the city's recent riots, the two incoming heads of the Society of London Theaters (SOLT), remain upbeat about prospects for the coming year.

  • Film

Rebuilt biz is more resilient


The stock market has swooned and Wall Street fears a double-dip recession, but Hollywood has managed to stay above the doomsday fray -- at least for the moment.

Biz digs digital dollars


Hollywood studios don't directly own much of cyberspace, but the investment community is impressed at how the film biz suddenly seems adept at harvesting it.

3D safety raises concerns


The last thing the 3D TV business needs is a health scare. With the sales of sets sluggish, prices high and a comparative dearth of content, consumers have been slow to embrace the new technology.

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When crix are critical


Perhaps you've heard: There's an appealing new movie in theaters now, based on a best-selling novel in which a precocious white girl, working against the objections of her parents and neighbors…


Domestic Box Office

Rank Movie Title Cume B.O.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Distributor: Universal / Focus

Weeks: 2

B.O.: $29.9M


Kingsman: The Secret Service

Distributor: Fox

Weeks: 2

B.O.: $24.4M


The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Weeks: 3

B.O.: $19.5M


McFarland, USA

Distributor: Disney

Weeks: 1

B.O.: $14.2M


American Sniper

Distributor: Warner Brothers

Weeks: 9

B.O.: $13.5M