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FCC commissioners meet with House panel


The FCC's ambitious plan to free up more spectrum space for wireless devices has drawn skepticism from broadcasters as to just how many stations would be willing to give up their space or sign off…

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Chuck D in "Let Fury Have
  • Film

Review: ‘Let Fury Have the Hour’


Antonio D'Ambrosio's filmed extension of his book "Let Fury Have the Hour" celebrates what he dubs "creative response" to the soulless consumerism and runaway egotism fostered by the 1980s reigns of…

Miley Cyrus in "So Undercover."
  • Film

Review: ‘So Undercover’


A tepid, tween-skewed reworking of "Miss Congeniality" by way of "21 Jump Street" and assorted other back-to-school capers, "So Undercover" reps another unsuccessful attempt to turn onetime teen…

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Review: ‘Fallen City’


Three families from the decimated Chinese city of Beichuan who lost loved ones in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake struggle to cope with more than just the emotional aftermath in Zhao Qi's absorbing docu…

Broadcast chief Joe Allbritton dies


Joe L. Allbritton, who built Allbritton Communications into an influential media and station group, particularly in the Washington, D.C., market, died Wednesday. He was 87. The cause of death was not…

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The Clock Ticks Toward the Fiscal Cliff


Variety's Jill Goldsmith and Rachel Abrams write that a number of media moguls are now urging Washington lawmakers to come to a deal to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff," saying that "principled…