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Unimpressed by the hype surrounding "The Passion of the Christ," most Germans say they won't bother to see Mel Gibson's retelling of Jesus' last hours.
The Backlot: In serving Mel Gibson's biblical vision, his cast and crew also took a leap of faith. Now that the pic's a hit, they're wondering if they'll share in its earthly rewards.
Deep Focus: For those who find "The Passion of Christ" beyond the pale in laying blame for Jesus' death at the feet of the Jews and letting Pontius Pilate off too easily, the complete antithesis to…
Hollywood may have sneered when Mel Gibson, in September 2002, preceded by a somersaulting dwarf, walked into a packed press conference room at Rome's Cinecitta Studios, lit a cigarette and announced…
"The Passion of the Christ" should easily gross an ecumenical $300 million in U.S. theaters. But the eternal question must be asked: : What about the afterlife?
Who's seeing "The Passion of the Christ"? Much has been made of how the pic has brought in older auds who prefer church pews to megaplexes. But the pic is also pulling in younger, nonreligious auds.