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Bleakly pessimistic yet marbled with moments of very dark humor, pic hovers within the transition period immediately following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Nonsense, hysterics and many cuppas spill in "Caffeine," an ensembler that serves up a menu's worth of forced and trite situations. Dean Craig's script, set in a boho London den called the Black Cat…
"The Hoax" fearlessly wades through the slippery psychology of a shameless liar -- writer Clifford Irving -- who sold a bogus "autobiography" of Howard Hughes to McGraw Hill and came close to pulling…
"Like Mike" ties together the now-hallowed family movie and the childhood sports fantasy into an amiable package that will keep the kids occupied over the long summer holiday weekend.
Regis Philbin has the chance to be a double Daytime Emmy award winner this year. Philbin was nominated for both outstanding talkshow host and gameshow host on Wednesday.