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Ann Boyd, Sony Pictures executive VP of global communications is exiting her position at the studio. This marks another person in Sony’s communication department who will be leaving the studio, with…
A mousy, middle-aged caretaker travels from the Baltics to the City of Light to look after a serious piece of work in "A Lady in Paris," from Estonian filmmaker Ilmar Raag ("The Class").
The weather's fabulous but there's nothing new under the sun in "Formentera," the sophomore outing of Teuton helmer Ann-Kristin Reyels ("Hounds").
Calling the Strobbe clan a working-class family would imply that some of its members worked, but none of the lowlife protags do in the visually robust and often hilarious Flemish tragicomedy.
The secret hideout of a group of Flemish horndogs comes under threat of exposure in "Loft," a tightly drawn, atmospheric thriller that has one false bottom too many to qualify as great.
An amusing bit of hokum through its first night, Lifetime's slow-moving supernatural melodrama "The Gathering" gradually falls apart in its second amid lots of loud music, wind-blown hair and…