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RE: Article by Dr. Peter Breggin

Last night I read through your publication about violence in entertainment. I was familiar with all of the pro and con arguments about gun control, video games, violence in entertainment, mental health -- except one voice, and what he has to say is startling! It is information that I have never read and apparently has not been widely publicized. And his revelations seem to me to be the most relevant of all! I'm referring to the article by Dr. Peter Breggin, who reveals that pharmaceuticals have made successful efforts to prevent the public and even health professionals from knowing that antidepressant drugs can <em>cause </em>violence and suicide! Moreover Breggin points out that many of the most publicized shootings were done by young men -- Wesbecker, Harris, Holmes, Lanza -- who were under psychiatric care shortly before or at the time they committed violence and had been prescribed antidepressants or other psychoactive drugs that have been proven to cause violence and erratic behavior!!! Has this most important information been missing in the public discussion because pharmaceutical companies buy a huge percentage of the ads that are broadcast by the networks and cable companies?

Beth Brickell, president of Luminous Films