TV Pilots/Development Scorecard (continued)

Follow all of the development action during upfront season with Variety Insight’s up-to-the-minute listings of pilot and series orders.

The network-by-network listings for major broadcast and cable channels are searchable by title and genre, and include detailed information on production auspices and creative teams.

Network Title Studio Eps, Writers, Director Logline Status
DEEP MAD DARK, THE Warner Horizon Television,Fabrik Entertainment,John Wells Productions,Studio T Megan Martin (EP, W-Pilot), Henrik Bastin (EP N/W), Mikkel Bondesen (EP N/W), Kristen Campo (EP N/W), John Wells (EP N/W), Niels Arden Oplev (D-Pilot) This new drama pilot is a propulsive, layered mystery-thriller about an intoxicating friendship and how it leads to a brutal act of violence that drives two women in radically different ways. Rolled Pilot
HINGES John Wells Productions,TNT Originals,Warner Horizon Television Janine Sherman Barrois (EP, W-Pilot), Anthony Hemingway (D-Pilot, EP N/W), Mark Taylor (EP N/W), John Wells (EP N/W) A drama series that provocatively and humorously dissects middle-class suburbia, Hinges follows two sets of neighbors whose lives are dramatically changed in the wake of a scandal that rocks the community. Rolled Pilot
SNOWPIERCER ITV Studios,CJ Entertainment,Tomorrow Studios,Unity Pictures,Studio T Josh Friedman (EP, W-Pilot), Marty Adelstein (EP N/W), Park Chan-wook (EP N/W), Dooho Choi (EP N/W), Becky Clements (EP N/W), Scott Derrickson (EP N/W, SD), Bong Joon Ho (EP N/W), Lee Tae-hun (EP N/W) Based on the award-winning film by Bong Joon Ho, this futuristic thriller drama is set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, and the remnants of humanity inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe. Rolled Pilot
CIVIL MGM Television,TNT Originals,Whalerock Industries Thomas Kelly (EP, Show Runner), Scott Smith (EP, W-Pilot), Jeffrey Berman (EP N/W), Lloyd Braun (EP N/W), Allen Coulter (D-Pilot) A gripping political and social drama that takes place in the wake of a hotly contested Presidential election, as America finds itself plunging uncontrollably into a modern day Civil War. Terminated Pilot
HOME Warner Horizon Television,Jerry Bruckheimer Television Aron Eli Coleite (EP, W-Pilot), Brad Anderson (D-Pilot, EP N/W), Jerry Bruckheimer (EP N/W), Jonathan Littman (EP N/W) A family thriller/soap series that revolves around Rose Altman, a newly pregnant woman who has a successful business as an accomplished designer, and a wonderful home life with her husband Joe, a highly-regarded prison psychologist, and his two sons, to whom she’s enjoying being their stepmother. Terminated Pilot
BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT'S MISFITS & MONSTERS Left/Right, Inc. Bobcat Goldthwait (Creator, D-Pilot, EP), Ken Druckerman (EP N/W), Banks Tarver (EP N/W), Olivia Wingate (EP N/W) This anthology comedy series will bring television viewers twisted morality tales from the darkly witty mind of creator and four-time Sundance Award-winning writer and director Bobcat Goldthwait. Rolled Series
AUSTIN, MOLLY AND MARTINEZ, SHAMIKAH PROJECT Mad Pictures Molly Austin (EP), Shamikah Martinez (EP), Adam Donald (EP N/W) Molly Austin and Shamikah Martinez – also known as Austin Martinez – star in this scripted comedy pilot in which episodes spark from relatable conflicts and milestones of being an official adult – things like being the one in charge of an actual emergency, babysitting your friend's kid, and getting your first grown ass woman couch. Rolled Pilot
SEGURA, TOM PROJECT truTV Josh Lieberman (EP N/W), Oliver Obst (EP N/W), Tom Segura (EP N/W) A medical comedy starring Tom Segura. Rolled Pilot
SHADY NEIGHBORS 3 Arts Entertainment,Thank You, Brain! Productions Dean Lorey (EP, W-Pilot), Tracey Baird (EP N/W), Jonathan Berry (EP N/W), Tom Lassally (EP N/W), Krysia Plonka (EP N/W), Peter Lauer (D-Pilot) Shady Neighbors follows Tom and Wendy, a seemingly happy suburban couple who have let financial pressures drive them to the brink of divorce. Rolled Pilot
TREYGER, LIZA PROJECT Avalon Television Prescott Tolk (EP, W-Pilot), Liza Treyger (EP, W-Pilot), Richard Allen-Turner (EP N/W), David Martin (EP N/W), Samantha Saifer (EP N/W), Jon Thoday (EP N/W) Utilizing Treyger's strong point of view, this character-driven single camera comedy revolves around Liza and her dysfunctional friends who together form their own (somewhat) functional 'framily'. Rolled Pilot
SMALL VICTORIES Abso Lutely Productions Melissa Hunter (EP, W-Pilot), Deborah Liebling (EP N/W) Small Victories is a scripted comedy centering around Margot, a young upstart lawyer, who after a minor nervous breakdown in court, finds herself disbarred, living at home with her parents, working as a barista and going to a book club with her three remaining friends. Terminated Pilot
TV Land
AMERICAN WOMAN Warner Horizon Television,John Wells Productions John Riggi (EP, W-Pilot), John Wells (EP N/W), Alex Hardcastle (D-Pilot, EP N/W) A single-camera period dramedy inspired by the life of actress-turned-reality star Kyle Richards. Terminated Series
TV Land
HEATHERS Lakeshore Entertainment Jason Micallef (EP, Show Runner, W-Pilot), Brad Gardner (EP N/W), Gary Lucchesi (EP N/W), Tom Rosenberg (EP N/W), Leslye Headland (D-Pilot, EP N/W) Based on the 1988 cult classic film of the same name, “Heathers” is a pitch-black comedy anthology set in the present day, as our heroine Veronica Sawyer (Grace Victoria Cox, “Under the Dome”) deals with a very different but equally vicious group of Heathers. Terminated Series
TV Land
FIRST WIVES CLUB, THE Perkins Street Productions,Paramount Television Rebecca Addelman (EP, W-Pilot), Jenny Bicks (EP), Karen Rosenfelt (EP N/W) A single camera comedy that revolves around three women – friends and classmates in the 90s – who reconnect after their close friend from college dies in a freak accident. Terminated Pilot
TV One
SNEAKER PAWN TV One Sneaker Pawn is the story of an entrepreneurial family in Harlem with big ideas, big dreams and even bigger personalities that has set out to take the sneaker industry by storm. Terminated Series
USA Network
DAMNATION Universal Cable Productions,Entertainment 360 Tony Tost (EP, W-Pilot), Gillian Berrie (EP N/W), Guymon Casady & Daniel Rappaport (EP N/W), David MacKenzie (D-Pilot, EP N/W), James Mangold (EP N/W) An epic saga about the secret history of the 1930's American heartland, DAMNATION centers on the mythic conflict and bloody struggle between big money and the downtrodden, God and greed, charlatans and prophets. Series Pick Up
USA Network
UNSOLVED: THE MURDERS OF TUPAC AND THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Universal Cable Productions,Hemingway Taylor Kyle Long (EP, W-Pilot), Anthony Hemingway (D-Pilot, EP N/W), Mark Taylor (EP N/W) A true crime series that will chronicle the dual police investigations into the controversial murders of two of the rap industry's most legendary players: Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (The Notorious B. Series Pick Up
USA Network
TAP, THE Universal Cable Productions,Reiner/Greisman,Company, The Andrew Lenchewski (EP, W-Pilot), Charlie Ebersol (EP N/W), Alan Greisman (EP N/W), Rob Reiner (EP N/W), Simon Cellan Jones (D-Pilot) A one hour drama that takes place at Yale University circa 1969, during the height of America's cultural and political revolution -- a time when the campus is being upended by antiwar protests, race riots and the arrival of its first female students. Rolled Pilot
USA Network
OLIVE FOREVER Universal Cable Productions,Jurassic Party,AwesomenessTV Brian Duffield (EP, W-Pilot), Brett Bouttier (EP N/W), Nicki Cortese (EP N/W), Matt Kaplan (EP N/W), Brian Robbins (EP N/W), Matt Shakman (D-Pilot, EP N/W) OLIVE FOREVER follows the exploits of Olive (forever!), a mysterious high school student with an affection for cat burglary-type shenanigans, mostly because she is a cat burglar. Rolled Pilot
WGN America
SCALPED Warner Horizon Television,DC Entertainment Doug Jung (EP, W-Pilot), Geoff Johns (EP N/W), Bilall Fallah & Adil El Arbi (D-Pilot) Blood runs thicker than water…and drowns you faster too…“Scalped,” based on the DC Comics graphic novel series written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by R. Rolled Pilot
WGN America
ROADSIDE PICNIC Tribune Studios,Sony Pictures Television,Original Film Jack Paglen (EP, W-Pilot), Vivian Cannon (EP N/W), Neal H. Moritz (EP N/W), Alan Taylor (D-Pilot, EP N/W) Based on the novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, “Roadside Picnic” explores a near-future world where aliens have come and gone, leaving humankind to explore the wondrous and dangerous mysteries left behind as well as the societal ramifications of their visit, as seen through the eyes of Red, a veteran “stalker” who has made it his life to illegally venture into the once inhabited zone and scavenge the abandoned remains of the alien culture. Terminated Pilot


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  1. I discovered this actress on the web and couldn’t believe the stars who were following her but why I haven’t seen her in anything? Her name is Dianara.

  2. Irma Sandoval says:

    Plz send email me when new post

  3. This looking like a very exciting time for actors. Would love an opportunity to audition in the near future.

  4. natalie millican says:

    I have a personal interest in a pilot getting picked up, but havent heard anything yet. When do they announce the final picks and rejects?? This is for one of the USA 2017 pilots. Thanks..

  5. paula counts says:

    criminal minds is about to loose a lot of viewer’s without hodge seems like men who make the show might cause anger issues look how parents left the show because you all treated men better then women wtf that show will not last without him I started watching again when you brought back then herd about him ill stop when he goes he has apologized in twelve years come on

  6. ABC'S 30% chance of success says:

    Poor ABC and Channing Dungey! Already up the creek without a paddle, now they have to enter the 2016/2017 season, stuck between a rock and a hard place. From that tremendous list of pilots they only have about 7 shows with the potential to open big and hold an audience for more than one season. Oh, well. Sometimes during the game you have to make the best of a bad situation and play with the hand that is dealt to you. Good luck to CD. Most of this BSC will arrive DNA in the ratings. Hope she has the good sense, and the backbone to say no to the obvious flop material and yes to the solid pilot offerings.

  7. gitieDJ says:

    What about The Blexicans?

  8. Marco says:

    What about the Greatest American Hero and Ateam remakes?

  9. Alan says:

    I read that Cruel Intentions was being made into an NBC pilot? Is it being made into a pilot? Its not listed.

  10. lora says:

    You forget Presence (ABC)

  11. Maggie says:

    What is the date of this article, please? And does anyone know why dates are not listed on web periodicals?

  12. Gloria says:

    When is Devious maids coming back

  13. Michael W says:

    They all look boring – typical the ‘lemmings’. No one knows anything in Hollywood.

  14. doglady22 says:

    Can not wait to see Game Of Silence. Tons of people are waiting for this. So excited. NBC better pick this one up. Great actors are in it and it sounds good.

  15. InCoconutGrove says:

    Did see one medical, Heart Matters at NBC. I guess they didn’t see Three Rivers. Transplant stories are all the same story. Heart transplant doctor equals one story told over and over and over. The pilot could be good but I suspect there is no where to go with this that is not repetitive.

  16. InCoconutGrove says:

    What happened to all that medical development? No shows at ABC or CBS that are medical. Where is the Malcolm Gladwell one at Fox? You don’t even list it as dead. was it written?

  17. Tabitha says:

    If you scroll up and where it says, “View Pilots By…” and if you select “All Networks,” it will refresh the list to include the other networks, including cable networks too. “SPI: The Case Of The Dark Shadow,” would make a great TV series too! Bring back “Happy Endings” too! I loved that show!

  18. Jeni Miller says:

    It would be great to see the other networks, too. ;)

  19. Tabitha says:

    I wish someone would make a film based on the YA book, “SPI: The Case Of The Dark Shadow.” Has Harry Potter-ish potential.

  20. Ed says:

    I certainly hope that the FX pilot “Hoke” gets picked up and further more, hope they do decide to film in Miami and not elsewhere. When will this decision be made?

  21. Danny says:

    Well I see Fox and NBC have made some moves. Not to interested in the shows NBC picked up today although I am happy to see Anna Friel back on TV. Red Band Society looks interesting and the show has lots of good buzz so I will give that one a look.

  22. neryvania says:

    Ei gostaria de saber se tera a continuaçao do arranjo adaptado por nicolas falacci.Aguardo resposta.

    • neryvania says:

      Gostaria de saber se tera a continuaçao da serie DO ARRANJO adaptaçao de Nicolas falacci.Aguardo resposta.

  23. Conner says:

    Will there be more networks added as the season continues?

  24. George says:

    It’s time a network focused attention onto the issue of human trafficking in America and THE LIFE is that series that shines a light on the issue. Intelligent, provocative, groundbreaking. Why isn’t THIS on TV?

  25. mitchell says:

    This show needs to be picked up.
    Check it out.

    • Here is another TV series worthy of attention, its called “tráfico” a character driven American crime drama about the dark and invisible side of human trafficking within the United States. Its the story of Ricardo Rodriguez, an abandoned son of a sex slave, who goes undercover to infiltrates a violent and furtive sex trafficking ring to find his mother and exact his revenge.

  26. Des Brown says:

    Hope AN AMERICAN EDUCATION makes it to series. The BBC original BAD EDUCATION was far and away the funniest thing on British TV in the past couple of years.

  27. Jax says:

    There is only one show on the entire pilot list for ABC that I am interested in and unfortunately it is the one that is least likely to get made. Strange Calls could be a good show but it doesn’t seem like a fit for ABC.

  28. jacq forens says:

    SAVE The DATE and How I met Your Dad look like comedy winners to me!! Yay CBS!

  29. Yirmin says:

    Now where do we have a place to book money on which of those end up never being seen by anyone outside of the studio that ordered them… I’m betting from some of those loglines that someone at ABC was on serious drugs… a few of those are such stinkers I can’t imagine someone isn’t going to be fired for wasting the time to respond to them let alone give any a green light to move forward.

  30. Spaniard says:

    Really looking forward to THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA. Go Debra Messing!

  31. Robert says:

    What? Family Guide got picked up by NBC!

  32. maría says:


  33. NardoE says:

    Dracula??? Why not Blackula!
    That’s right I said it ! … ”
    Blackula the musical” … On roller skates

  34. pcpurecommunity1234 says:

    Disney needs to order a series for Girl Meets World. They’re taking a while :(

  35. EK says:

    Great program. Beats sibling effort by far!

  36. jim davis says:

    this is fantastic!