Hoping to address the shortage of graduates who have the technical and artistic skills demanded by the animation industry, Gov. Pete Wilson is including $1.2 million in his 1997-98 budget for Cal…


Jesse White


Jesse White, the veteran TV and film actor who is probably best remembered as the Maytag repairman in TV commercials that aired for 22 years, died Jan. 8 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He was 79…

Robert Dean Sanderson


Robert Dean Sanderson, father of Daily Variety staffer Dean Sanderson, died Jan. 3 in Tarzana following a brief battle with cancer. He was 54. In addition to son, he is survived by three stepsons and…

Pumpkins file suit


Members of Virgin Records’ the Smashing Pumpkins have filed a $10 million lawsuit against Chrysalis Music seeking to have their music publishing contract declared null and void or rescinded. In a…

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