The Comeback TV Review
  • TV

TV Review: 'The Comeback'


Prescient in several key respects, "The Comeback" felt a tad inside baseball when it made its debut in 2005, chronicling the misadventures of a desperately needy sitcom star, seeking rebirth through…


Iris Review
  • Film

Film Review: 'Iris'


Albert Maysles' joyous celebration of sustained creativity and razor-sharp wit into old age as evinced by outspoken nonagenarian fashion icon Iris Apfel also offers proof of Maysles' continued…

Monsoon Toronto Film Festival
  • Film

Film Review: 'Monsoon'


Helmer Sturla Gunnarsson seems far more interested in overstudied imagery that would make for a great coffee-table photography book yet feels like triumph of hollow aestheticism over content…

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