Cristela TV Review ABC
  • TV

TV Review: 'Cristela'


For a time in the '90s, a five-minute set at the Comedy Store was enough to land the talent a sitcom, or so the joke went. Despite the high attrition rate of that strategy, it lingers on in…


Rio Film Festival Trash Movie
  • Film

Film Review: 'Trash'


Cleanly scripted in pure Hollywood fashion by Richard Curtis, Stephen Daldry's "Trash" won't be confused with a real Brazilian production: Its storyline, staging and inevitably positive spin…

The Affiar TV Review Showtime
  • TV

TV Review: 'The Affair'


The pairing of Dominic West and Ruth Wilson alone would be enough reason for enthusiasm about "The Affair," a Showtime series that wraps infidelity in a mystery, then spoons out what happened in…

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