Leslie Caron and Louis Jourdan
  • Film

Review: ‘Gigi’


"Gigi" is destined for a global boxoffice mopup. It has all the ingredients. It's a naughty but nice romp of the hyper-romantic naughty 90s of Paris-in-the-spring, in the Bois, in Maxim's, and in the…

James Stewart and Kim Novak
  • Film

Review: ‘Vertigo’


"Vertigo" is prime though uneven Hitchcock and with the potent marquee combination of James Stewart and Kim Novak should prove to be a highly profitable enterprise at the boxoffice. Stewart, on…


  • Film

Review: ‘Eroica’


Eroica consists of two separate stories [from novellas by Jerzy Stefan Stawinski], unrelated in themselves, but both concerned with an aspect of the disillusionment of Poles in the calamitous days of…

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