Review: 'Julie Budd'


The concept of the evil twin is a popular one in literature, but what about the good twin? What if Mr. Hyde were to drink a potion that transformed him into Dr. Jekyll? Julie Budd is too often…

  • TV

Review: 'Soul Food'


Plenty spicy series "Soul Food" dishes up even more sex and drama than the 1997 hit movie it is based on, while retaining the look and feel that made the saga of the Joseph family so appealing on the…


Review: 'Olive'


Representing the poppier side of electronic music on their new album, "Trickle" (Maverick), Olive uses lambent keyboards and chattering drum machines to create breezy, evanescent layers of sound…

  • Film

Review: 'The Visit'


Among a powerhouse vet cast, Hill Harper shines in "The Visit" as an imprisoned young man who transcends anger -- however justified -- and seeks redemption. The intelligent script, based on Kosmond…

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