High Noon
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Review: ‘High Noon’


There's a difference between a classic and a cinematic masterpiece. It's almost always a mistake to remake the latter (see "Psycho"). But the original "High Noon" belongs in the other category. It's…

Our Town

Review: ‘Our Town’


A unique maternalism is cast over the production of Thornton Wilder's classic "Our Town," as Ellen Geer brings qualities of guardianship and benevolence to the role of the Stage Manager, usually cast…


The Why

Review: ‘The Why’


Written by a 19-year-old playwright, "The Why" is a remarkably mature work, primarily because it's far more interested in asking questions than it is in answering them. College junior Victor Kaufold…

The Who

Review: ‘The Who’


Playing in the same venue they performed in 33 years earlier, though minus a few smoke bombs and guitar smashings this time around, Brit dinosaurs the Who performed with a who cares attitude, mocking…

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