• Film

Review: ‘Maelstrom’


Following up on his promising 1998 debut feature, the well-traveled Camera d'Or nominee "August 32nd on Earth," Quebecois musicvid veteran Denis Villeneuve has brewed up "Maelstrom," a piquant…

Calle 54
  • Film

Review: ‘Calle 54’


Lovers of Latin jazz will have a ball with "Calle 54." In the tradition of "Buena Vista Social Club," to which it inevitably will be compared, docu celebrates the music of amazing musicians, some of…


Review: ‘Betrayal’


After 22 years, Harold Pinter's "Betrayal" still doesn't let its audience down; Soulpepper Theater Co.'s sterling revival of this work, which premiered in London back in 1978, is confirmation that…

Review: ‘The Onion’


Instead of browsing the dismal toilet humor of many of the new trendy toon sites, comedy-hungry Web travelers should get into the habit of checking the subtle, on-target humor of The Onion, the…

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