Natural Blonde

Review: ‘Natural Blonde’


It must have sounded irresistible to the publishers: the Queen of Gossip finally sharing long-suppressed secrets about the endless celebs she's encountered -- and, as a bonus, giving shocking details…

  • Film

Review: ‘Happy Days’


Screened in Venice as part of the "Beckett on Film" series, "Happy Days" boasts a definitive performance by Rosaleen Linehan in the dominating role in what is probably an unfilmable play. Pic is more…

Dog Food
  • Film

Review: ‘Dog Food’


Though loaded with perhaps an excess of social issues -- from spousal abuse and incest to the ethics of chowing canine -- careful handing and committed performances make "Dog Food" an engrossing…

My Zinc Bed

Review: ‘My Zinc Bed’


"I'd like a drink," says Paul Peplow (Steven Mackintosh) near the end of the first act of "My Zinc Bed," and suddenly, exhilaratingly, one feels the hairs start to rise on the back of the neck…

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