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Exec Shuffle


Music video service VH-1 has awarded VP stripes to Eddie Dalva and Jack Sussman, two executives who will responsible for improving and developing the channel's programming. Dalva, who joined VH-1 in…


Carol M. Blaze


Carol M. Blaze, 86, who worked for MGM as a studio stores auditor and later managed the Writers Guild Theater, died of cancer on Aug. 5 at his home in L.A. after a brief illness.

Johnny Thunders


Johnny Thunders, 38, rock guitarist/songwriter and founding member of punk rock prototypes the New York Dolls and the Heartbreakers, died April 23 in New Orleans of an apparent drug overdose…

Jack Ackerman


Jack Ackerman, 59, veteran songwriter and producer, died April 27 in Los Angeles of a brain tumor. His first recorded song was “M-M-M” in 1951, sung by Louis Armstrong and written with George Litto…

Michael Hagerty


Michael Hagerty, 39, an actor who founded the Production Co., an Off Off Broadway group, died April 30 in New York of AIDS. He had a supporting role in the film “Overboard.” In addition, Hagerty…

Memorial service


There will be a memorial service for Howard Ashman, author, lyricist and director of “Little Shop Of Horrors” and Academy Award-winner for his lyrics for “The Little Mermaid,” May 7 at 7:30 p.m. at…

Tom Rosqui


Tom Rosqui, 62, actor who played the Corleone family bodyguard Rocco Lampone in the first two “Godfather” films, died April 11 in Los Angeles of cancer. Rosqui's mostly silent “Godfather” role…

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