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Tom and Mary Kay Arnholt, a girl, Jessica Jean, Aug. 20, St. John's Hospital. Father is VP, homevideo marketing and advertising, at B.D. Fox & Friends; mother is non-pro.


Maggie Comer Robinson


Maggie Comer Robinson, 88, whose methods of educating children and parents out of the poverty cycle were the subject of a book, a PBS docu and a funk/rock album, died Sept. 29 in an East Chicago…

Exec Shuffle


Laurie Pozmantier has been named vice president of program development and international co-production for Turner Network Television, a new post. She will guide TNT's emerging presence as a partner…

Roger Miller


Singer-songwriter Roger Miller, whose tune "King of the Road" was a 1965 hit with both country and pop music fans, died of cancer Sunday at age 56. Miller died at Century City Hospital after battling…

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