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Jackson Weaver


Jackson Weaver, 72, a Washington, D.C., broadcaster who co-anchored WMAL-AM's morning drive-time slot for 32 years, died Oct. 20 of heart and kidney failure at Holy Cross Hospital there.


Exec Shuffle


The National Film Board of Canada has appointed Germaine Wong as its Paris representative. Leaving a position as English program branch national marketing manager, she replaces Pierre Ducharme, who…



Tom and Mary Kay Arnholt, a girl, Jessica Jean, Aug. 20, St. John's Hospital. Father is VP, homevideo marketing and advertising, at B.D. Fox & Friends; mother is non-pro.

William Masselos


William Masselos, 72, a leading American pianist who introduced noted works by Charles Ives and Aaron Copland, died Oct. 23 at his home in N.Y. of complications from Parkinson's disease.

Charles Lee


Charles Lee, 78, a comedy writer who worked for Bob Hope for 32 years, died Oct. 18 of heart failure at St. Joseph's Medical Center, Burbank, following a long illness.

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