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Helen M. Heer


Helen M. Heer, who played piano and organ in theaters and clubs along the West Coast for nearly 80 years, has died of a massive stroke. Heer was in her early 90s, said her nephew Art McLain.




Gregory Pickert and Beth Price, twin boys, Sean Gregory, Michael Ryan, Feb. 16, St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica. Father is a principal in Oberman, Tivoli & Low Inc., a business management and film…

Exec Shuffle


William M. Wanger has been promoted to director of special projects, research and marketing at Fox Broadcasting Co., most recently have been manager of affiliate research and special projects. He…

June Valli


June Valli, a singer who appeared on network variety shows from the 1950s through the 1970s and was the voice in the Chiquita Banana commercial, is dead at age 64.

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