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Herschel Daugherty


Television producer Herschel Daugherty died March 5 at his Encinitas home of pneumonia. He was 82. Born in Indiana and raised in Covina, Daugherty graduated from Whittier College.



David Murphy and Heidi Weeks-Murphy, a girl, Lily Mae Weeks-Murphy, Feb. 5, the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, L.A. Father is a literary agent for H.N. Swanson; mother's a freelance makeup artist.


Kevin Oldham


Kevin Oldham, a concert pianist and composer who performed with the Kansas City Symphony earlier this year, died Thursday of complications from AIDS. He was 32.

Helen M. Heer


Helen M. Heer, who played piano and organ in theaters and clubs along the West Coast for nearly 80 years, has died of a massive stroke. Heer was in her early 90s, said her nephew Art McLain.

June Valli


June Valli, a singer who appeared on network variety shows from the 1950s through the 1970s and was the voice in the Chiquita Banana commercial, is dead at age 64.

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