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Lawrence Payton


Singer Lawrence Payton, one of the original members of the Four Tops, whose hits included "Bernadette" and "I Can't Help Myself," died at his home Friday of liver cancer. He was 59.


Jay Ziskin


Dr. Jay Ziskin, a prominent national expert on psychology and the law, and the father of Laura Ziskin, president of 20th Century Fox's Fox 2000 Pictures, died Saturday at his West Los Angeles home of…

Joel Tappis


Joel Tappis, who worked in the entertainment business since the 1960s as a musician, actor, agent and manager, died June 9 of a massive heart attack at Kaiser Permanante Hospital in Woodland Hills…

Richard Jaeckel


Character actor Richard Jaeckel, whose acting career began in 1943, died Saturday of an undisclosed illness at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital. He was 70.

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