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MGM TV’s new look


MGM is restructuring its TV division and handing control of all international TV to John P. Symes, who's been upped to president of the newly created MGM Worldwide TV Group.




Karen Green and Jay Jablonow, a girl, Skyler Green Jablonow, March 3, UCLA Medical Center, Westwood. Mother’s VP of business affairs and business development for Spelling Entertainment Group…

Joseph A. Cohen


Joseph A. Cohen, who claimed the record for longest uninterrupted service as a reporter with Variety --- 44 years --- died July 6 in New York of heart failure. He was 86.

William P. Dornisch


Film editor William P. Dornisch, who worked at Universal Studios for a number of years and later formed his own post-production company, died April 11 of heart failure in Marina del Rey. He was 60.

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