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Exec Shuffle


P. Thomas Schaick has been elevated to senior VP, finance and administration, at ABC Entertainment from VP, a post he had held since 1988. He will be responsible for all financial activities and…



Bruce Resnikoff and Claudia Berman-Resnikoff, a girl, Nicole Alexis, Dec. 24, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Father is senior VP and general manager, special markets and products, MCA Music…

Edward Richley


Edward Charles (Tom) Richley, an orchestral percussionist for Big Band-era groups and numerous radio and television shows, died Jan. 22 of heart failure at age 91.

Glenn Corbett


Actor Glenn Corbett died Jan. 16 in San Antonio after a six-month battle with lung cancer. He was 59. An L.A. native, he attended Occidental College appearing in numerous plays and eventually made…

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